YouTube updates its music app to help users discover new artists


After testing a new “Add to Playlist” interface for the YouTube Music smartphone app, Google has now improved the radio algorithm for the music streaming app, which will result in better recommendations for users. and will help users discover new artists.

According to the YouTube Music team, the “core logic that names the music that displays” in Song Radio and automatic playlist mixes has been updated to display more songs and artists. Since the radio algorithm change, YouTube says it has seen an increase in likes and song discovery from Song Radio and automatic playlist shuffles, with the team aiming to tweak the algorithm later.

Additionally, YouTube also details how Android YouTube Music users could now save a queue of songs to a new or existing playlist. This feature has been available for YouTube Music iOS users since January.

Other changes and improvements listed by YouTube include a new “Family Shelf” with scheduled playlists and a custom family mix. If you usually listen to music suitable for the whole family, you will now be able to access a new “For the family” shelf with the family mix as the first playlist available on your home feed.

Additionally, on Wear OS, YouTube Music now lets you shuffle your downloaded music, unlike in the past where users were limited to playing ordered albums and could only shuffle playlists.

Finally, premium YouTube subscribers on the web could now switch between audio and video for the music they listen to with a toggle available at the top of the player screen. This feature has been available on Android and iOS for a long time and is finally available for YouTube Music web users.

There are a few other changes and upgrades that Google has made to YouTube Music.

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