YouTube Music app now lets you play music on Wear OS


Music brings pleasure and a bundle of emotions with it. Wear OS Watch users were desperate to experience the YouTube Music app without much hassle and inconvenience. After a long and excessive wait, Wear OS Watch users can listen to their melodious tunes and melodious songs through the YouTube Music app.

Previously, they had to download the entire playlist to listen to the desired song. However, now they can access more than 80 million songs through YouTube Music App without any problem. Even accessibility is made super easy by giving free access via LTE and Wi-Fi. Wear OS users can now enjoy uninterrupted songs and thousands of playlists via the YouTube Music app. The app has brought many new features that will make music a more fun part of life.

The streaming is ad-free and besides all the awesome features, the YouTube Music app supports smart downloads from Google. This means that Wear OS Watch users only need to log into the Music app and the rest of the downloading work will be done automatically. To enjoy all these benefits, you must subscribe to YouTube Music Premium. Let’s learn more about Wear OS and how accessibility to YouTube Music app can bring harmony to users.

Wear OS’s journey to the YouTube Music app

Wear OS’s journey to the YouTube Music app has many twists and turns. Wear OS Watch only has one native music streaming app which is Google Play Music. In 2020, Google announced that it would shut it down, leaving users no choice but to head to YouTube Music App.

Surprisingly, the music was not easily welcoming to them. YouTube Music app was not available on Wear OS Watch. This left users with little or no choice but to listen to their favorite music. To make matters worse for Wear OS Watch users, Google then preferred to create a YouTube Music app for Apple Watch leaving the Wear OS Watch behind.

Wear OS users can now access 80 million songs through the YouTube Music app | Image credit: Google

Indeed, we can see that the changing dynamics of technology have brought YouTube Music to Wear OS Watch. Google didn’t launch YouTube Music on Wear OS Watch until Samsung launched the Galaxy Watch 4 line last summer. After about a month, Google launched the Music app on Wear OS 2 watches supported by Qualcomm Snapdragon 4100 chips.

Also, it only has limited access when offline. The most recent update enabling streaming of the YouTube Music app on Wear OS Watch has closed all loops and given full access to the new world of music and thousands and thousands of playlists of reading.

Isn’t the update to allow YouTube Music on Wear OS a little late?

Google is doing some surprising things when it comes to innovation and coming up with new digital watches. Last week, Google confirmed that it would launch Pixel Watch soon. We don’t have all the information on the Pixel Watch yet. All we can say is that Google didn’t ignore the Wear OS and crafted everything according to a well-thought-out plan.

Additionally, Wear OS will come with more advancements and updates to excite and wear. In addition, Google also announced the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 during Google I/O 2022. This features more innovative updates, such as access to payment cards, connectivity to Google Assistant and Google Wallet. .

Such changes indicate that Google is taking all measures preemptively to launch a new device. It is therefore possible that Google is preparing the ground for the Pixel Watch.


With a new round of updates, Google has more good news for Wear OS Watch users. The YouTube Music app will roll out two amazing features on Wear OS Watch. First, Wear OS users could access all 80 million songs on YouTube Music App via LTE and Wi-Fi.

Second, you can add a new YouTube Music thumbnail allowing you to watch recently played playlists. There are a whole host of new features, such as access to smart download features, personalized playlists, and more. Google is bringing all of these features eventually to announce the Pixel Watch for the customer group.

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