YouTube Music app gets new colors on its homepage


YouTube Music is getting a minor tweak that adds a pop of color to the otherwise dark home screen background. This doesn’t change the functionality in any way, but is a neat visual upgrade to the music streaming service. Now there are new colors on YouTube Music home screen.

The changes have been brought to the attention of Reddit user u/Lower-Biscotti, and it appears to have reached more devices. Some users even claim to have seen this visual change on the iPhone version of the application. But not everyone sees this addition right away, so it’s safe to assume it’s a gradual rollout.

Since the reveal doesn’t come directly from YouTube, we don’t know when it will reflect on all versions of YouTube Music. Either way, a majority of YouTube Music customers are likely to welcome this visual addition.

New YouTube Music home screen colors appear randomly and are not customizable

Interestingly, there is no fixed pattern for colors. They change when the user closes and reopens the app and sometimes after refreshing the home feed. One of the screenshots shared by Android Police shows the color extending from the status bar to the horizontal row of musicians on the home screen. Colors fade to black towards the bottom of the screen, which is also nice.

Users cannot change or control colors, and it appears to be random. By comparison, Spotify’s home screen features a different hue depending on the time of day. Hopefully Google or YouTube have more to say about this minor but significant addition to its music app.

YouTube Music customers have seen a slew of changes over the past few weeks. It recently added a grid design to the app’s “Listen Again” shelf. A separate update brought minor changes to the streaming app’s “Explore” page.

With over 50 million songs to choose from, YouTube Music has a significant edge in the industry. However, it still lags behind Spotify in terms of paid subscribers. Just like competing apps, a free ad-supported version of YouTube Music is also available. The paid tiers also cost about the same as its industry rivals – $5/month for students, $10/month for others, and $15 for a family of up to 5 users.

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