YouTube Music app can now repeat songs while streaming


In March last year, YouTube Music widely rolled out the ability to shuffle songs while streaming, but disconcertingly also allowed repeating. As of today, this last action is available again.

The ability to shuffle and repeat in YouTube Music during streaming sessions first appeared in late February 2020. However, both features were quickly pulled soon after people started receiving them. There were no noticeable issues during the short time it went live. A month later, shuffle became widely available, but the repeat button remained greyed out.

After starting a Cast session today, the snooze will very briefly be greyed out. It is activated a second later and becomes usable to repeat entire albums/playlists or individual songs. We tested on Nest Hubs this morning and others are seeing the same thing.

It works on YouTube Music for Android and iOS, but not on the iPad app. The problem for this latter class of device involves the snooze button not appearing on the older Now Playing UI which has yet to be updated to the Android tablet equivalent. The redesigned player rolled out to the iPhone in August 2020.

Hopefully this rollout will be permanent as the manual workaround is to add a track to your queue multiple times or create a temporary playlist.

L/R: Briefly disabled, enabled but disabled, repeat, repeat 1

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