YouTube Music app adds useful new feature for Android and iOS music fans


If you love music, you probably use the YouTube Music app often. You can go to the app and find the song you want using the app’s search tool, or you can ask your digital assistant to play a specific song from a specific artist (eg. , “to play Revolution number 9 by the Beatles on YouTube Music”). You may be asked to unlock your phone first. to recommend a selection of them as well as alternate takes, live versions, and more.

Depending on the song, while you are listening to the song, directly from the Now Playing screen, you can find a list of covers for the song you are currently streaming. Again, let’s use the Fab Four for this example. So you listen Come together and you are curious to listen to alternative versions of the song. From the Now Playing screen, tap the Related tab at the bottom right of the screen.

Scroll down to Other Performances and you’ll see cover versions of Come together from the likes of Ike and Tina Turner (!) and Jennel Garcia. There is also a live version sung by the late John Lennon (who of course wrote the melody and recorded it with the rest of the Beatles). Speaking of the latter, there is also an alternate take recorded by the Liverpudlians included in this list.

The covers, live performances, and alternate takes listed under Other Performances will change each time you view them, as you can see from the embedded screenshot included in this story. This list of covers for Come together includes a performance by the unlikely trio of Steven Tyler, Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson

Scrolling through the other performances reveals a carousel titled Similar Artists. Below, the More From carousel lists additional songs available from the same artist or group. This is followed by a biography of the artist or band listed under About the Artist. According 9to5Google, some YouTube Music users spotted the new features a month ago, while other iOS and Android users are only getting them now.

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