UK music streaming company ROXi launches new free TV music app on millions of TVs


UK music streaming company ROXi, backed by Kylie Minogue and Robbie Williams, announces the launch of its revolutionary new free TV music app available on millions of TVs across the UK.

Until now, music streaming services simply gave you something to listen to, in audio. ROXi changes while igniting all the senses, transforming the way you experience new music and your favorite tunes at home.

Completely dedicated to music and featuring a new intuitive TV UI, ROXi is the only holistic TV music app designed to bring friends and families together to enjoy unlimited music videos, sing karaoke and play interactive music games on TVs , free with ads.

ROXi offers unlimited access to all original music videos, albums and songs with 70 million music recordings from all major independent labels constantly updated with the latest releases.

ROXi also offers hundreds of exclusive music video channels for every mood and occasion and for karaoke fans there are 140,000 traditional karaoke and “Karaoke With The Stars” tracks, plus interactive music games to test your knowledge. music, and more.

An optional upgrade to the ROXi Premium tier offers full, ad-free access to all ROXi features for just £6.99 per month and comes with a 30-day no-obligation free trial.

Millions of Free ROXi Karaoke Microphones

To celebrate the launch of ROXi’s new TV Music app, the company is giving away over A MILLION ROXi Karaoke Microphones worth £29.99 for new users.** The ROXi Karaoke Microphone features a built-in amplifier and speaker, and works with any TV, perfect for singing along to the 140 000 karaoke tracks from ROXi with your friends and family.

Revolutionary new TV UI

Dubbed “Netflix for Music” by new users, ROXi’s new TV Music app UI makes it easier to find and play all your favorite music videos, songs and albums, browse and select music video channels for every mood. You can check out the latest releases and discover new music with a familiar, intuitive on-screen design and simple controls via your TV or set-top box remote or ROXi’s Mobile Companion app (available for Android and iOS) .

ROXi CEO Rob Lewis said: “ROXi’s new free TV Music app is the best way to enjoy music together at home. It gives millions of homes across the UK unlimited free access to every music video, album and song, plus karaoke songs and music games to enjoy together on their TVs, providing unlimited fun with family and friends for free. With ROXi, we move from solitary mode to shared musical experiences.

Following the lead of Netflix and Disney+, this year we are bringing ROXi’s TV Music app to millions of UK households via apps on smart and pay TVs. We’re doing for music what video-on-demand services have done for movies on TV, but for free.

“The launch of our new TV Music app is just the beginning. We have a series of exciting innovations for the ROXi platform in the pipeline”concludes Lewis.

The new ROXi TV Music app is launching today for the vast majority of UK households using connected TV devices on Sky Q, Fire TV, Android TV, Google TV, including compatible platforms Sony, Panasonic, Philips, Toshiba, TCL, HiSense and Shield Smart TV with Samsung TV and more coming soon.

New ROXi research published

A new study conducted by CensusWide for ROXi and published for the first time has found that 83% of UK households now use smart TVs. Video-on-demand services like Netflix and Disney+ are driving an increase in TV app downloads and usage on smart and pay TVs, with over 63% of Brits now downloading apps to their TVs.

The research also revealed that the average UK household downloaded their first TV app over two years ago.

As well as watching on-demand movies and box sets on TV, the ROXi poll found that 64% of Britons expressing a preference were interested in having free, unlimited music video streaming on their TVs, with 78% of 25-44 years being the most enthusiastic about the idea.

Multi-million pound ROXi TV advertising campaign

ROXi’s launch of the new Music TV app will be supported by a multimillion-euro TV advertising campaign across hundreds of UK TV channels and with over 500 million TV adverts by the end of 2021.

To ensure users of older TVs can still enjoy the service, ROXi offers the ROXi Console and Microphone Controller that works on any TV.

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