Roku devices are getting an Apple Music app


Roku users can now play songs and videos from Apple Music on their Roku TVs, streaming players or soundbars. Roku announced on Monday that “the app will be available for download later today.”

It took a while for Apple’s music service to become one of the most popular smart TV platforms. It was ported to Amazon’s Fire TV in 2019 and has since made its way to at least one gaming console: the PS5 (although it doesn’t appear to be supported on Xbox or Switch). In my opinion, however, streaming music services make a lot of sense on TVs. If someone has a nice set of speakers, chances are they’re hooked up to the TV, and having album art displayed on such a big screen is a treat for most of us. who usually only see it as a thumbnail.

Unfortunately, Apple Music on Roku won’t support features like lossless or spatial audio “at this time,” Roku spokeswoman Sophia Economou said. The edge in an email. While Apple doesn’t keep these features locked down on its own platforms (they’re available on the Android Apple Music app), they don’t seem to be very common on platforms intended to be connected to TVs. (I couldn’t find any mention of them in the PS5 version of the Apple Music app.) Sure, they’re supported on the Apple TV 4K, though that box does have some limitations when it comes to the highest resolution lossless files. .

On the one hand, that makes sense, given the wide variety of hardware Roku apps can run on, and the fact that both features would likely be wasted on TV speakers. But, on the other hand, it could definitely be a bummer for anyone who has a sound system hooked up to their Roku device.

Roku users will be able to either log into the app if they have an existing Apple Music subscription, or subscribe to the service through the Roku Channel Store.

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