Polaroid unveils Music app and Bluetooth speakers


Polaroid swerving into the audio world wasn’t on our 2022 bingo card. But here we are. The inventors of instant photography have launched a Polaroid Music app, and it doesn’t stop there. There’s also a Polaroid radio station and a range of analog-inspired Bluetooth speakers with the no-frills name of Polaroid music players.

Sporting a retro-futuristic design, the speakers feature Polaroid.com-exclusive red, blue, yellow, or gray accents. They also feature Polaroid’s signature rainbow stripe while the red button is a nod to the shutter button on the brand’s iconic cameras.

The Polaroid P1 (£49.99) is the smaller player, while the Polaroid P2 (£119.99) is designed to be portable. The Polaroid P3 (£169.99) packs a retro boombox-style grip, and the mighty Polaroid P4 (£259.99) completes the range. They all have an old-fashioned dial, so you can change Polaroid radio stations without even having to touch your phone, just like the good old days.

Commercial-free Polaroid Radio features five digital stations, curated by creators, artists, DJs and musicians, featuring both new and classic tracks. You can access Polaroid Radio either using the new Polaroid Music app or via the Internet at radio.polaroid.com. The Polaroid Music Player, Polaroid Music app, and Polaroid Radio are all available now.

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