Polaroid launches a range of Bluetooth speakers, a radio platform and a music app


Polaroid has launched a line of Bluetooth speakers, a radio platform and a music app under the new Polaroid Music banner.

The photography brand entered the music space with four Polaroid Bluetooth® music players, an “experimental music discovery service” called Polaroid Radio, and the Polaroid Music app.

The four retro-looking portable speakers are designed in colors inspired by the Polaroid color spectrum and cost between $59.99 and $289.99. The free Polaroid Music app lets you control your Polaroid player using the wheel, without using your phone. You can download the Polaroid Music app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Polaroid Radio offers “an experimental version” of Internet radio featuring five “ever-evolving” FM-like stations that are “man-curated, free, and ad-free.” Tune in to Polaroid Radio here. It is currently available in the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Portugal, and Austria, with more countries coming soon.

“Great musicians and photographers capture what we can’t always express in words. They make us feel. We’re new to the world of music, but we want to bring as much color and emotion into the space as possible. We are excited about this new chapter while still being as committed to instant photography as ever,” said Oskar Smolokowski, President of Polaroid.

Watch a campaign video below and learn more on the Polaroid site.

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