Oliver Tree will perform on the Encore Music app


Today, interactive live music app Encore announced that multi-platinum recording artist Oliver Tree will perform on Encore on Thursday, April 28 at 7:00 p.m. PT. The show will be free for all fans, while one lucky fan will win a signed scooter for Oliver to ride during his Encore performance.

Oliver Tree will perform a short series of fan favorites in a custom-designed augmented reality set, taking fans on a journey from outer space to the depths of hell.

“As an artist, I’m always looking to push the boundaries of creativity and rely heavily on the visual aspect of storytelling in my music. I love the freedom Encore gives artists to be themselves. themselves, express their creativity through augmented reality and connect with their fans virtually, but still authentically,” said Oliver Tree.

“We designed Encore to allow versatile artists like Oliver to create unique and personal performances for their fans that bring their story to life. From an app on an iPhone, any artist can virtually perform in the stages of augmented reality of their own design, connect with their fans in a meaningful way, and get paid,” said Encore CEO Jonathan Gray.

Encore is a live performance app that allows musical artists to earn real money one 10 cent hit at a time. Encore gives artists the tools and technology to visually tell their story, release new music, and host conversations and experiences with their community about their music.

Using Encore’s interactive features, fans will be able to vote on which song they want Oliver Tree to perform and the top three fans will have the opportunity to video chat with Oliver. This is a unique opportunity for fans to have an intimate and interactive experience with Oliver Tree, known for his eccentric and mysterious character.

To download Encore and enjoy the show, follow clap.fan/olivertree on your smartphone, or visit the App Store or Play Store, download Encore: Interactive Live Music and use the code OLIVERTREE. Existing Encore users can request a free Encore clap to watch the show. For more information on the Scooter giveaway, visit: www.clapforencore.com/sweepstakes

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