Music app and review platform is all the rage to propel new and established artists to greater heights


The world of music has become considerably more accessible over the years. With its doors wide open, budding artists from all walks of life now have a chance to establish their name and rise to the top. However, this ease goes hand in hand with the flooding of the music scene, a saturation that puts pressure on both newcomers and veteran musicians to not only show off the aces up their sleeves, but to pull out all the stops to consolidate their position in the industry. even more firmly. The creators of Love at first sightan app that recently hit Google Play and the App Store, are keenly aware of the role digital platforms play in driving today’s go-getters, so they made the strategic decision to introduce a versatile tool designed to provide users with an innovative yet traditional way to engage with their audience, influencers and fans in a meaningful way.

A potential game-changer, Breaking Hits is quickly becoming a must-have addition to record labels and musicians’ marketing campaigns and plans. Highly effective in bridging the gap between artists and fans, it is establishing itself firmly in the industry, not only for the extent to which it allows artists to connect with their audiences, but also for its ability to increase the volume of authentic opinions. and feedback from fans, vetted influencers, and verified professionals.

From the get-go, Breaking Hits’ values-rich premise sparked the interest of countless names in the music scene. This music app and rating platform, which also serves as a dynamic research tool for producers, music directors, brands and radio stations, strives to meet several objectives: to allow musicians to interact directly with their listeners, giving consumers a first-ever opportunity to become bona fide critics and influencers, and pushing aspiring and seasoned personalities to the next stage of their careers.

“Breaking Hits was built for the industry by the industry to open up a new, unsaturated channel of communication between artists, influencers and fans,” said Neil Collins, the company’s CEO. behind the release of the groundbreaking app. “For new artists, it can help get them discovered. For established artists working on new music, they can get real-time feedback and secure collaborations with their peers.

So far, Breaking Hits has helped hundreds of people connect with hard-to-reach consumers. Moreover, its ability to propel passionate personalities into the limelight has helped the app quickly emerge as the app of choice in the short time since its release announcement. Currently, the record labels behind an impressive roster of artists including J. Balvin, Pharrell, Kendrick Lamar, French Montana, Dua Lipa, Ali Caldwell and Michael Lanza have debuted on the platform, leveraging of its advantages to land a position in the charts.

In the coming months, Love at first sight is set to provide updates on the inclusion of more tailored features for the benefit of all its users. Currently, its founders are excited to announce that they will be hosting an official SXSW (South by Southwest) showcase on March 17 at Wisdome. Several notable artists like Tayler Holder, Shanice, Ali Caldwell, Justin Clancy and Eddy Kenzo plan to grace the event.

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