Migrate Music app while preserving data/playlists?

Hi people!

I recently purchased a new MacBook Air M1. Usually, when I move from an old Mac to a new one, I just clone the hard drive (or SSD) from the old computer to that of the new computer. I did NOT do this trick because I wanted to have a real new install to set up – not a 12 year old setup littered with fragments of apps and decisions from the past. It’s worked fine so far, except for one thing: my Music app data. I moved the actual music files, but what I want to do is migrate the playlists and history. The reason is that this data represents a kind of diary of my life. What songs I added and when remind me of my life at that time and what mood I was in. Also, I like to know which songs I played the most and I would like to be able to transfer this information to the MBA.

In the past, when Music was iTunes, I think this data was contained in a simple XML file, but now everything seems to be hidden in two databases that I can’t access. Have any of you faced a similar challenge and found a way to solve it to your satisfaction? If I can’t, maybe I’ll find a way to accept that, but I would really like to fix this because it would mean that part of my life could be preserved.

By the way, Migration Assistant doesn’t seem to be able to locate my old Mac, even though it’s on the same network. If MA can do it, I’ll delve into that, but that path seemed to end before it started.

Thank you and good calculation to all.

MacBook Air M1 2020

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