MC Lyte of ‘Partners In Rhyme’ Adds-Owned Black Music App Deepr So Viewers Can Identify View Tracks Played On


In the new sitcom, Partners in rhyme, which features the legendary hip-hop artist MC Lytea new feature is used to notify viewers about songs currently playing.

AMC Networks announced that ALLBLK, the streaming service that features and delivers indie movies, nostalgic noir cinema, popular network TV, animated plays and more for black audiences, will use Deepr technology. Deepr provides viewers of the show with the ability to identify the songs being played in the show and also allows them to learn about a particular song in real time, while they are watching the program. Deepr introduces itself as “Shazam Meets IMDB!”

partner in rhyme MC Lyte features as a rap pioneer who discovers she owes a ton of money after being dropped from her record label. Being in debt, she accepts a proposal to manage her niece, a new school Instagram rapper who has a promising career lead from her.

Subscribers can go to Partners in rhyme at They should click on the “DEEPR” button on the screen where they will be able to view all the original songs of that particular episode with relevant information related to the playing of the song and specific details related to music and artists .

“Personalizing the streaming experience for our subscribers is a priority at ALLBLK and at AMC Networks in general,” says Brett Dismukegeneral manager of ALLBLK and WEtv, in a written statement.

“Deepr delivers a new element of fun that will enhance the way viewers interact with their content selections. What better way to introduce our ALLBLK audience to such an exciting feature than with hip-hop royalty, MC Lyte, and his new Serie – partners in rhyme.”

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