iPhone users will soon be able to benefit from a new Apple music application!


Apple is expected to release a new music app for iPhone with the rollout of iOS 15.5. What will it look like? Check out the details of the new Apple Music app here.

No, your existing Apple Music app isn’t going anywhere! Instead, Apple plans to release an all-new music app for iPhone with the upcoming iOS 15.5 release. According to a report from MacRumors, there are references to the upcoming “Apple Classical” app which has been in development to complement the current Apple Music app. The new “Apple Classical” music app was discovered in the first beta of iOS 15.5. The report suggests that there is “Open in Apple Classical” and “Open this in the new app designed for classical music” in the Music app code, but the Classical app hasn’t launched yet, hinting at the standalone launch of the new Apple. Music app coming soon.

Last year, when Apple announced the purchase of classical music streaming service Primephonic, it said “the best elements of Primephonic would be part of Apple Music, giving subscribers a significantly improved classical music experience.” , said the MacRumors report. Primephonic offers advanced search and browsing features specially optimized for classical music.

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Apple’s announcement merely hinted at the launch of a new Apple Music app in 2022 that will be dedicated solely to classical music. The new app will bring Primephonic’s user interface and specializations for classical music along with Apple’s Music Library and several other features such as Lossless and Spatial Audio. While Apple hasn’t provided any further details on the new Music app for iPhone users, we’re also not sure when the app might be released, but according to the report, preparations are clearly underway. Additionally, this week Apple began releasing the first betas of iOS 15.5 and iPadOS 15.5.

What else should Apple bring with the iOS 15.5 update?

The MacRumors report lists all the possible features and upgrades that are expected to roll out with the upcoming iOS 15.5 and iPadOS 15.5 updates. The first beta of these updates includes adding “Request” and “Send” buttons to Apple Pay Cash, which is also rebranded as Apple Cash. On top of that, there are now WiFi signal bars in the Home app, SportsKit update, iTunes Pass rebranding, external link support in iOS 15.5, and more.

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