iOS 16 adds two exciting new features to the Apple Music app


At his WWDC, Apple announced iOS 16, the latest version of its mobile operating system. And while Cupertino didn’t say much about Apple Music in its keynotes, iOS 16 will also bring new features to the Music app.

At the event, Apple showed off a new music lock screen, which will take up the entire display and show you more album art and bigger play buttons. But what Cupertino didn’t mention is that you’ll be able to follow your favorite artists and have auto-sort options for your playlists on the Apple Music app (via 9to5Mac).

Mark an artist as favorite

We all probably have our favorite artists that we follow and listen to every new song they release. However, it can be difficult to catch every newly released track, especially if you are a fan of many musicians. It’s precisely this problem that Spotify’s Follow feature tries to solve, and now Apple has added such an option to its Music app as well. With iOS 16, when a favorite artist uploads a new song, you will receive a notification about the new track. Apple also said the new favorite feature will come with improved recommendations to help you keep track of the artists you’re interested in.

To mark an artist as a favorite, all you have to do is open the Apple Music app, go to the profile of the artist in question and tap on the new star icon in the top right.

Sort songs from your playlists

Currently, when you add a song to a playlist in the Music app, it goes to the bottom of the list. You have the option to manually sort your playlist, but there are no automatic options, which is basically ridiculous in 2022. In iOS 16, you can now choose to sort a playlist by song title , artist name, albums and release dates. Don’t worry – it will still remember your original playlist arrangement, so if you choose the “Playlist Order” option, you’ll revert to the original sorting. You’ll be able to find the new playlist sorting options by navigating to a playlist in the Music app and tapping the three dots in the upper right corner.

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