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Huawei has recently worked on many wearables and is continuously expanding its position in the smart wearables market. These smart wearables including Huawei smart watch and smart wristband offer amazing health management features to keep the user up to date with the main body vitals.

On this, He Gang, COO of Huawei Consumer Business Group, said that Huawei will focus on research in health areas including blood sugar, lung function and altitude health management. Therefore, we can wait to see the new Huawei smartwatch launched with these new features.

Surely, adding features related to these health domains will bring a better understanding.

Gang mentioned that there is a strong technical basis behind the health features provided by Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro, Huawei Watch D ECG and Huawei Band 7. Meanwhile, technologies such as TruSeen are a good example of the words above. above and were developed solely by Huawei.

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Technological research has been carried out for more than 7 years. It incorporates the innovative technology and R&D strength of Huawei Sports Health Science Lab and Huawei Global Research Institute. From 1.0 to 5.0+, it has made innovative breakthroughs in hardware, algorithm and process design, which continues to improve.

“Huawei will bring new areas of research in blood sugar, lung function and altitude health management. More comprehensive and smarter health management for enterprise users, enabling everyone, every family, and every industry to enter the era of digital health management! Gang said.

The three technologies:

Lung function health research is based on wearing heart rate, blood oxygen, respiration and audio signals to achieve lung function assessment and COPD screening, and predict the risk of acute exacerbation in advance.

Plateau’s health research is based on the fusion of multi-modal parameters of wearable devices to achieve meter-less monitoring and high-reflective prediction, helping users better plan their routes.

Blood glucose research is conducted jointly with professional medical institutions in the industry, based on Huawei TruSeen technology and hardware monitoring capabilities, to realize high blood sugar risk screening, trend assessment and alert. early.

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