Google has killed the best Android Auto Music app, and its replacement is a mess


If you’ve been a long-time Android Auto user, you probably already know that last year Google killed off what was considered by many to be the best music app this platform has ever had.

Google Play Music has been withdrawn in favor of YouTube Music, the service that Google is now emphasizing, not only on Android but also on Android Auto.

Unfortunately for Google and the users who have effectively switched from Google Play Music to YouTube Music, the modern alternative doesn’t necessarily work exactly as expected on Android Auto.

And more recently, users added another entry to the list of YouTube Music issues that need to be fixed on Android Auto.

A discussion thread on Google’s support forums reveals that after a mysterious update recently installed, YouTube Music is no longer able to play media files stored locally. This means that YouTube Music can only stream music, but without actually loading the music that users have already added to their own libraries stored on the Android device.

Oddly enough, playing locally stored media is still possible when the Android device is not connected to a head unit to run Android Auto. But the moment Android Auto connection is established, YouTube Music stops playing music and fails to load local files.

The issue was first discovered a few weeks ago, and since then more than a handful of users have also reported similar behavior in their cars.

Needless to say, the generic workarounds that the typical Android Auto user turns to don’t seem to make a difference. So if you are planning on reinstalling the app, clearing the cache, and deleting the data, these steps seem like a waste of your time because nothing is fixing YouTube Music just yet.

Google has yet to recognize this problem, so it remains to be seen if a fix is ​​indeed coming, and if so, how quickly it will land in the hands of users eager to listen to their own tunes.

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