ByteDance is working on a music app to compete with Spotify


According to the trademark filing, TikTok Music would allow users to buy, play, share and download music. The features will likely be similar to Resso, a music streaming app launched by ByteDance in 2020, which remains available in India despite TikTok being banned in the country. TikTok Music would create, share and recommend playlists, allow users to comment, provide podcasts, radio broadcast content and live audio and video streams.

The upcoming TikTok Music app apparently bets on user behavior where it’s common for a user to watch a TikTok video, hear a few seconds of a song, and then search for the full song. Resso used this feature in Brazil, providing them with a redirect button from a TikTok video to go directly to the full version of this song. In this way, ByteDance seeks to gain an edge over its contemporaries and promote in-house applications.

Resso has seen significant growth over the past year, not only in India, but also in Brazil and Indonesia. An Information report also revealed a steadily growing user base of 40 million monthly active users in these three countries. In India alone, Resso has grown significantly with a growth of 304% in monthly active users between January 2021 and January 2022, compared to 38% for Spotify in the same time frame.

Resso – the predecessor of TikTok Music

Resso offers a scrolling interface similar to TikTok and displays recommendations based on the user’s browsing history. Spotify and YouTube Music offer a similar interface. Resso also allows users to view lyrics, download music offline, and search songs in the background. It also provides access to delete user accounts, but is only available in specific markets like India and Brazil.

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