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Music is life. One thing about good music is that when you hear it, you feel nothing but joy. We listen to music when we get out of bed, when we are about to fall asleep while working, and almost all day if possible.

Nothing is more wonderful than being able to listen to your favorite music whenever and wherever you want.

If you are wondering “How can I listen to music without internet?” Or “What app can you listen to music offline?” We have a solution for you.

You can search, download and listen to any music offline using Snaptube, the best offline music app. Keep reading as we’ll tell you how to use Snaptube to download music for free and play offline on your Android phone.

Snaptube: the best offline music app for Android phones

Snaptube has recently attracted considerable attention among all other music downloaders; it’s more than just a music downloader, that’s why it’s a must-have app for any android user who wants unlimited access to download music and videos.

Snaptube is a super simple Android music downloader that allows users to download any MP3 music from over 50 platforms like Vevo, Soundcloud, Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp and more for free!

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This offline music app currently has more than 70 million free songs. One of the most marvelous features of Snaptube is its inbuilt player which provides great user experience. Here are some of the benefits of using Snaptube:

  • Supports multiple platforms: using snaptube you can download mp3 audio from different platforms like facebook, instagram, twitter, vevo, metacafe and many more.
  • Music download for offline streaming: Snaptube offers an excellent offline streaming service. You can download as many songs as you want for offline listening with the app.
  • Built-in player: Snaptube has an in-app player that lets you listen to music when the app is open or with the screen off. This player allows you to listen to millions of music.

How to Use Snaptube to Download and Listen to Music Offline

Now you know about Snaptube and all its many benefits which you tend to enjoy just by installing the app. You may be thinking “how can I use this app to download music?” Whether you are trying to save songs offline or just want to get songs for free, this is the best offline song downloader app for all users.

We are going to describe the three most effective, fast and simple methods to use this application to download any song. So read on!

Method 1: Search music and download

To take advantage of all that Snaptube has to offer, you must first download and install the app. Visit the Snaptube official website to download the app, or copy this link ( and paste it into your browser’s search bar; you will be directed to Snaptube official website.

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Press the red download button to start downloading. When the file is completely downloaded, click on the apk file and install it.

Snaptube comes with an improved search engine located at the top of the app screen that lets you find music by just typing a few keywords into its search bar. To find the music you want to download, just enter specific song keywords and click the search icon.

Clicking on the search icon will give you several recommended music options based on what you searched for. You should have your favorite music on the list. To download the music, click on the download icon and select your preferred format, everything is done.

Snaptube offline music app

Method 2: Copy and paste the link of the music to download

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As you can see, using Snaptube is a very efficient way to download music for offline listening. This method of downloading music is fast, simple and straightforward. . To start, you need to download the best offline music app for Android; Snaptube and install it.

Follow the same process above to download and install it. If you are having trouble installing, allow your browser to install apps; that should solve it.

Copy your favorite music link from any source, paste it into Snaptube search bar and load it. Tap and listen to the song, to confirm that this is the exact song you want to download. Once this has been confirmed, you can now download it.

Method 3: Enjoy Snaptube music function and explore music

By simply scrolling through the Music page of the Snaptube app, you can quickly access a number of songs and videos.

The Sub Page, For You Page, Music Page, Trending Page, and Channels Page are all found in the taskbar once the app is opened. Visit the Music page to check out Snaptube’s amazing music feature, which offers a variety of playlists based on the most popular music, including Today’s Big Hit, Fresh New Music, Party Music, Throwbacks and more.

Snaptube offline music app

When you find the song you want to download, tap the download icon and choose the format. You can find all of your downloads in the “My files” section of the application.

Where to find all downloaded music and how to play it offline

Just go to “My Files” at the bottom of the app screen to find your downloaded music, then tap it to start listening offline. Snaptube does not require an internet connection to play downloaded music.

Snaptube offline music app

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: Is Snaptube free?

Yes, it is completely free to use, that’s why it is considered the best music app among other free offline music apps for Android.

Q2: How can I convert videos to MP3 audio on Snaptube?

Simply go to “My Files” and click on the three dots next to the video to bring up a menu of options. choose “convert to audio”.


Overall, Snaptube is the best offline music app; it has no downside. It’s a fantastic way to save and listen to all your favorite songs offline, and best of all, for free. So what are you waiting for? Go to the official website and download the app.

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