AudioCipher, a music application that turns words into MIDI notes, launches version 2.0


What’s new in AudioCipher V2.0

Could this be the future of music production? AudioCipher reveals an amazing new way to generate melodies in any DAW.

PORTLAND, OREGON, USA, October 26, 2021 / – AudioCipher is a melody generation app that helps music producers overcome creative blockages, turning words into MIDI notes.

Making music is fun … but it’s not always easy to come up with an original idea out of nowhere!

This is why so many producers are looking for new inspiration when they start a song for the first time.

It is common to use audio samples to solve this problem. Because using something that already sounds great saves you the trouble of finding an original theme.

MIDI plugins are a great alternative to using sampled audio. They help beginner musicians to start writing their own melodies. But the cost of the chord and melody generators ranges from $ 49 to $ 99, landing just outside of what many producers are willing to spend.

This is why AudioCipher has become one of the most popular new MIDI plugins this year. Retailing at just $ 22, the app received mostly 5-star reviews and ranked # 1 in the Randomizer plugin category for several consecutive months. An ADSR customer said this:

“I’ve been using this little plugin for a while now and it’s awesome! Such a lovely way to add deeper meaning to songs and also inspire new ideas when you get stuck. Using the MIDI generator m ‘helped find melodies that break my old ways. ”

To create a new melody with AudioCipher, all you need to do is enter a word and drag it onto your virtual instrument. Set your key signature to major or minor with any root note. Control the MIDI output speed with a rhythm slider. You can even use a random switch to give each note its own length.

As a lightweight application, AudioCipher focuses on providing essential functionality. Its clean and simple interface makes it easy for everyone to understand. This ADSR customer commented that he was having fun sharing it with others:

“My wife saw how it worked and she was surprised, wonderful software!”

The possibilities are endless. You can create melodies for a friend, try out obscene words, or even add your favorite lyrics from someone else’s song. AudioCipher keeps the creative process entertaining and makes you think of melodies in a new way.

For a music production app that generates melodies quickly and lets creativity run wild, don’t miss AudioCipher version 2.0.

Ezra Sandzer-Bell

How to use AudioCipher V2.0 to turn words into melodies

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