Apple Music PS5 app is now available for download [UPDATED]


It looks like Sony is working with Apple to bring an Apple Music app to the PS4 and PS5 platforms, according to new options a Reddit user stumbled upon.

Update (10/27/2021 12:30 p.m. EDT): Sony has announced that PlayStation 5 owners can now download the Apple Music app, which was officially released following rumors about the app coming to PS5 and PS4. No statement regarding an Apple Music PS4 app has been given. The original story continues below.

When creating a new account on PS5, a Reddit user encountered the option to link Apple Music, suggesting that the service may eventually reach PS4 and PS5 consoles. Interestingly, Apple Music has never appeared on PlayStation devices. This does not mean, however, that users of Sony platforms have been left behind in terms of quality music services.

Spotify replaced Sony’s Music Unlimited on PS4 and PS3 in the spring of 2015, introducing a level of integration that continues to appeal to many fans. It’s only natural for users to look for additional options, especially as music streaming becomes more and more ubiquitous. And since PlayStation’s offerings on this particular front exclusively include Spotify, the limitations are nothing if not clear. But a chance find on PS5 suggests that Sony is well aware of its meager music offerings and aims to make some choice changes in the future.

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Reddit user HOLYWARS1990 recently created a new account on his PS5 and stumbled upon something fascinating. During the configuration phase, a box appeared asking the user to select a music streaming application of their choice. Of course, the option to link Spotify appeared, but also a button that prompted to download Apple Music. Selection “To download“results in the following error message:”This application is only playable on PS4. ” Eurogamer journalist Ishraq Subhan unsuccessfully attempted to recreate the instance on his own PS5. However, they found that creating a new PS5 account with the United States as the selected territory resulted in the Apple Music the appearance of the prompt. However, Subhan was unable to reproduce the same result a second time. It looks like this particular streaming app is currently under testing. HOLYWARS1990 screenshots below:

screenshot of reddit ps5 music app

This is also not the first proof that PlayStation and Apple are working closely together. As many remember, PS5 owners received six free months of Apple TV + over the summer, a limited-time offer that ended in late July. It is possible that the collaboration will extend to the streaming side of music as well.

In the weeks leading up PS5During the November 2020 launch, Sony announced a slew of apps the system would support from day one. The usual suspects were of course in the foreground – Spotify, Netflix, Disney Plus, Twitch, and Amazon Prime Video. A few of the apps even got dedicated buttons on the console’s multimedia remote.

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Source: HOLYWARS1990 / Reddit via Eurogamer

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