Apple Music app repeatedly crashes for CarPlay users running iOS 14.5.1


A widespread issue appears to be affecting CarPlay users running iOS 14.5.1. According to a report by Self-evolution, As well as several reports on Reddit and other forums, the Music on CarPlay app started crashing several times at launch for some users.

Apple first released iOS 14.5.1 two weeks ago to fix a bug related to the transparency of app tracking. The Apple Music CarPlay crash occurs exclusively on iOS 14.5.1, but it did not start immediately when the update was released. Instead, it only started happening at some point in the past 24 hours.

The report of Self-evolution Explain :

Most likely, this is an Apple Music issue causing the app to crash, with Apple expecting to release a server side fix that would get things back to normal sooner rather than later.

Oddly enough, all of this seems to happen exclusively on devices running iOS 14.5.1, which is currently the most recent version of Apple’s iPhone operating system. And while this may lead some to believe that the culprit is this software update, it is unlikely to be because, like I said, Apple Music was running fine on the same iOS version earlier in the year. daytime.

A user on Reddit adds:

Apple Music app has stopped working on Carplay. When I click on it, it opens and then immediately closes and returns to the home screen. No idea what has changed. I made sure everything was up to date on my iPhone, restarted the phone and turned the car stereo on and off. Nothing helped.

This implies that something Apple is doing on the server side is causing the CarPlay version of the Music app. For example, on Reddit some users say that you can temporarily fix the problem by turning off Wi-Fi and cellular data, but as soon as you turn either connection back on, the Music app crashes again.

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