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Touchscreen infotainment systems are good, but it becomes a delight when you can actually connect your phone to them. Apple CarPlay does the exact same thing, bringing iPhone functionality to the car.

Previously, this was only reserved for luxury cars, but Apple CarPlay has become widely democratized now.

Apple recently rolled out iOS 14.5.1 to iPhones, which works pretty well for most who have updated their devices to the new OS.

The only downside to iOS 14.5.1 is that it’s no longer stable when paired with Apple CarPlay. User reports have started pouring in suggesting that something is broken after the update.

Users, when trying to access Apple Music while connected to Apple CarPlay, end up with an app that crashes and returns to the home screen.

Iphone X on my Alpine ilx-W650 head unit. I can listen to music, but as soon as I press the Music app on the headunit, the app on my headunit and the app on my phone freeze.

My Civic si carplay 2020 just started doing this, I pressed the music app and it stops immediately, was working fine a few hours ago. everything else works fine just the music app on carplay.

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The affected lot thinks everything was fine with the latest version of iOS and iOS 14.5.1 is probably the culprit behind it.

Well, it’s not limited to the infotainment system. Apple Music, when accessed from the iPhone, launches the same, ticking users off.

It’s weird because everything except Apple Music works like a charm. Even resetting or re-pairing did not help any of the affected users.

This issue appears no matter what iPhone or car one is using, Apple Music will get wonky anyway. There is no pattern either as some claim it happens immediately after hitting Apple Music and some say it only happens after a few minutes of music playback.

Either way, it’s definitely not something people pay hundreds of dollars for. Apple has yet to address or at least acknowledge the ongoing turmoil.

This is up to users to find a workaround on their own. Here are a few things that can be tried.

Use official Apple cables

Most likely the problem is caused by third-party cables. We’ve seen how things went wrong in the past when official cables weren’t used.

Turn off the networks

As one user suggested, turning off Wi-Fi and cellular network may help.

The only solution so far is to turn off Wi-Fi and get the Music app working. But when you turn on either of these, the app crashes, really weird. (Source)

The ultimate solution would be to factory reset the device, but even that doesn’t guarantee that everything would be fine again.

apple car game
Apple Car Play

Apple really needs to fix things on their end and release a patch before this becomes a hot issue.

Here is a video that shows exactly what happens when opening the Apple Music app.

That said, we will continue to monitor this issue and update here as soon as we have more workarounds or a solution available.

Update 1 (May 19, 2021)

According to reports, iOS 14.6 RC version is also affected by the same issue, which means it is not limited to iOS 14.5.1 (older versions are also infected according to users).

It’s also worth pointing out that some reports suggest that Apple Music now works fine through CarPlay. If it still doesn’t work for you, here are some of the Apple Support suggested workarounds you can try:

gave me a tip. Turn on airplane mode before attaching to carplay.
then worked fine, then I turned airplane mode off and still apple music!
The source

Called apple support on the phone, they had no idea. Offered me to try my phone on another car with CarPlay to see if the problem persists (didn’t try).

FYI, if the user experience is on point, someone is claiming that Apple is aware of the issue:

Apple is aware of this. The app will open if you are in airplane mode. Obviously we can’t get new music, and it’s no use if you can’t be offline, but at least we can listen to downloaded stuff. Customer service suggested it and it worked for me.

Update 2 (May 13, 2022)

11:35 a.m. (IST): Many users have adopted Twitter to report that the Apple Music app is down or not working for them. Unfortunately, the support team has not yet acknowledged this issue.

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